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Invest Atlanta – Down Payment Assistance Programs

Invest Atlanta has several programs.  These details apply to all of those programs.

Down payment assistance is available for eligible home buyers through Invest Atlanta!

Invest Atlanta has several down payment assistance programs for qualified borrowers who want to live in the city of Atlanta.  Atlanta Development Authority is helping buyers achieve the goal of homeownership.

How do I apply?

How do Invest Atlanta Down Payment Assistance Programs Work?

  • Down payment funds are provided as a Second Mortgage Loan for the purpose of principal reduction and the payment of pre-paid items and closing costs.
  • The Down Payment Loan may only be used in conjunction with an Invest Atlanta First Mortgage Loan.
  • No Monthly Payments for the Down Payment assistance
  • No Interest on the Down Payment Assistance funds


It’s easy to qualify!  Check qualifications listed with each program below.


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Program Structure

  • First Mortgage Interest rate 3.5% (FHA & VA)
  • Assistance comes in the form a silent second mortgage.  This mortgage has no interest and no monthly payments.

Eligible Borrowers

  • Homebuyers who not have had an ownership interest in a principal residence for the last three years. There is no first time home buyer requirement for borrowers moving into the Targeted Area (80% of the City), but current residence must be sold prior to closing on the new property.

Borrower Must:

  • Secure an executed real estate contract on the property to be purchased
  • Have a sound credit history (need 620 Credit Score)
  • Provide copies of federal tax returns for the past three years
  • Attend ADA approved homebuyers seminar – Download List
  • Have existing property inspected prior to closing
  • Contribute $1,500 of own funds toward closing
  • The Maximum Purchase Price is $252,890

Eligible Properties

  • The property must be located in the city limits of Atlanta
  • Newly constructed, existing and foreclosed homes
  • Single family detached homes, townhomes and condominiums


ADA down payment assistance programs don't waste time


Current Invest Atlanta Programs

For more information:

Contact Your HomeOwnership Team or call us at 404-601-4152 to learn more about these programs!